Terms and Conditions


1. General

We, at 247Pharma.in ( “we,” “us”) offer services to everyone accessing or using our store/services for any purposes (“you”, “yours”, “User”) subject to the notices, terms, and conditions frame in these terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”, “Agreement”), applies with the Privacy Policy. The company is owned and operated by 247Pharma.in, a company duly incorporated under the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013.By using or accessing our pharmacy website and utilizing the Services (as enlisted below) you agree to the agreement to all the terms and conditions stated in this Agreement. If you do not agree with any point of the Terms and Conditions, then you can terminate the access or usage of the 247Pharma.in website.

2. Eligibility

a. When you access the website, you accept that you qualify the below basic eligibility aspects. You must be 18 years old or above for using the website or you may access the site under the monitoring of a parent or guardian, who in such an incident will be deemed as the respondent / end-user of the Services (as stated in this Terms and Conditions) with regard to these Terms and Conditions.

b. If you are below 18 years of age, your parents or legal guardians can access instead of you if they are registered in our website. You are not allowed to buy any goods the sale or purchase of those to/by minors is illegal and which are meant only for adult consumption.

c. You are competent by law to contract, and also capable to enjoy the Services (as stated in these Terms and Conditions). Persons who are "Not capable to contract" within the meaning of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 inclusive of un-discharged insolvents etc. are advised not to use 247Pharma.in

d. You have not been terminated before or suspended by 247Pharma.in or any other 247Pharma.in group entity or rejected for any other purpose, from taking the services.

e. 247Pharma.in has the right to suspend your membership and/or refrain to permitting you to access 247Pharma.in website if 247Pharma.in suspects that you are below 18 years of age.

3. Our Services

Through this medium, we offer you with the respective services (“Services”):a. Display, promotions, sell and deliver medicines inclusive of over the counter medicines, other pharmaceuticals items and few fast moving consumer goods including cosmetics and wellness products, and private brand products (“Products”);b. Any other service which is provided at 247Pharma.in to match the changing requirements. The sale and purchase of goods from 247Pharma.in is completely undertaken by 247Pharma.in and no other agency. By accessing the 247Pharma.in in respect of any items [or Services], you accept to agree to the Terms and Conditions and are meant to apply any and all available policies, under contract or legal policies, only against 247Pharma.in. You also accept and agree that the Products being bought by you are being sold and served only by 247Pharma.in.

4. Your use of the 247Pharma.in

As a client and user of services, when you use the 247Pharma.in, you accept to the enlisted terms of use:

Due diligence terms

a. You are completely accountable for the medical, health and personal information you provide on the 247Pharma.in, and you are asked to use your choice in submitting such details.

b. You will provide precise and full details at every requirement on the 247Pharma.in, depending on which you will be offered the services.

c. You will be completely accountable for all usage to and access of this 247Pharma.in by whoever logging with password and analysing originally assigned to you whether or not such approach to and usage of this 247Pharma.in is permitted by you, inclusive without restriction, all reporting and transmissions and all happening through such usage. You are completely accountable for protecting the privacy and secrecy of the password and recognition allotted to you.

d. The details given by you may be utilized by us for various reasons including analysis, research, training and disclosure (where necessary) to our subsidiaries, group companies, vendors, agents, affiliates and statutory authorities, etc. as given in our Privacy Policy.

e. We have the right to say no to any service or suspend accounts at our sole discretion, if we identify that you have breached or are likely to contravene the stated policies or these Terms and Conditions.

Scope of Services:

a. 247Pharma.in sells goods in different groups such as medicines, medical devices, vitamins and supplements, baby food, personal care, health foods and over the counter drugs, to retail customers.247Pharma.in does not sell any drugs listed in Schedule X of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940.

b. 247Pharma.in performs in retail sale to customers via both offline and online platforms, i.e. selling from its outlets / physical shops as well its 247Pharma.in website. The 247Pharma.in website will present the stocks of items available in 247Pharmai.in pharmacies only in your area, depending on the pin code given by you on the 247Pharma website.


a. You may see and read the content published on the 247Pharma.in solely for the reason of using the Services, and only according to the Terms and Conditions. You may not repost, circulate, present, sell, lease, communicate, create similar works from, translate, edit, reverse-engineer, demantle, decompile or otherwise spoil the 247Pharma.in website or any part of it unless 247Pharma.in allows to do so in writing.

b. You may not give, transfer, or sub-contract your rights or permissions stated in these Terms or any such order for items to any other party, unless agreed upon 247Pharma.in allows to do so in writing.

c. You are not allowed to create any commercial usage of any of the details given on the 247Pharma.in.

d. You should not impersonate any individual or company, or wrongly publish or otherwise falsely represent your identity, age or relation with any individual or company.

e. You should not publish any content forbidden by legal policies, and / or labelled as “Forbidden Content” under Section 5 below.

f. You can not resell any items bought from 247Pharma.in outlets or the 247Pharma.in website.

Charges Policy:

a. The delivery fees in connection with every purchase will be given on the checkout webpage after you place your order in 247Pharma.in. Any other applicable cost will also be detailed during the purchase and will have to be paid accordingly.

b. Refunds after purchases/returns will be handled as per 247Pharma.in Payments, Returns and Refunds Policy posted in www.247pharma.in/return-policy.

c. Pay on Delivery (“POD”) is a payment option through which you may opt to pay for the products you ordered in cash when the delivery company delivers the non-prescription products at your door step. Suppose prescription is must for such medicines, 247Pharma.in staff delivers the items. d. If you don’t have a credit or debit card or don’t prefer online transactions, then instead of making online advance payment, 247Pharma.in POD option helps you in paying for the ordered items through a point-of-service terminal or by cash.

e. The POD option is applicable from certain locations only. Accordingly, if your pin code is not available in POD service pin code list, then the POD choice will not reflect on the final check out page.

f. We will send mail/message you the order confirmation and when the products are sent with a detail of the expected date of delivery.

g. We make our all possible efforts to send every product in your order in 3 working days from the date of order. However in certain cases, it may take some time to ship the products as we may have to may have to arrange the products from some other stores or our supplying companies. In the such cases that we may not be able to send your all products in your order within 7 days the date of booking, we may cancel the other unshipped products of the order, and send a communication to you regarding the same. In such situations, the amount pertaining to the unshipped products of the order shall be returned, in the same mode you have paid initially, according to 247Pharma.in, Returns and Refund Policy.

h. 247Pharma.in will not carryout any inter-state delivery of products. Inter-state delivery of drugs are carried out by third party delivery partners. 247Pharma.in may also permit third party delivery agencies for specific inter-city and local delivery requirements. Any delay, loss, breakage, theft or damage happening from the delivery of items by the third party delivery agencies is the absolute liability of the third party delivery agencies. 247Pharma.in will not be liable for the activities of the third party delivery agencies in any circumstance.

International Delivery:

a. International delivery is not available at present. You can use the website to order products from any location of the world, however the shipping address must be Indian address only.

Additional Information:

a. 247Pharma.in holds the right, at our sole discretion, to reject or cancel any orders taken for an item, till the time the item is already dispatched. b. You will have to pay 247Pharma.in for any additional cost occuring for redelivery if there is any non-delivery in the due to your negligence or mistake (i.e. wrong name or false address or any other wrong detail).

Medicine Delivery Policy:

a. Genuine prescription from a doctor is compulsory for all drug orders, for medicines which legally qualifies to be sold without prescription. You may be asked to upload a prescription scan copy on the 247Pharma.in.

b. You accept that the prescription submitted by you will be verified by a registered pharmacist when necessary under legal conditions, and your order will be confirmed only after the prescription is verified and approved by the Pharmacist.

c. You accept and agree to the details of your prescription will be stored by 247Pharma.in as per the conditions under legal regulations.

d. You may be have to show the prescription, either offline or online, for the reason of record storage by 247Pharma.in, while purchasing medicines or taking delivery of medicines placed online.

5. Prohibited Content

You must not upload, circulate, or otherwise post through the 247Pharma.in website, any of the enlisted forbidden Content, which covers any content, detail, or other item that:

a. owned by another individual and which you do not own the rights to;

b. is dangerous, disturbing, disrespectful, libelous, vulgar, lewd, pervert, invasive of other’s privacy, inclusive bodily privacy, offend or annoying on the basis of gender, libellous, racially or ethnically offensive, or otherwise not on lines with or contrary to the laws in force;

c. is repulsive, racially or ethnically offensive, belittle of any individual;

d. refer to or appears like motivating money laundering or gambling,

e. hurt minors in any sense;

f. violate the patent, trademark, copyright or other proprietary rights;

g. breach any legal regulations in India at any point of time;

h. defraud or delude the receiver about the source of your information and intentionally pass any detail which is patently wrong or misguiding in nature but may fairly be understood as a fact;

i. transmits any detail which is highly offensive or threatening in nature;

j .imitates another person;

k. loaded with software viruses and malicious applications;

l. intimidate the unity, honesty, defence, security or sovereignty of India, amiable relations with foreign countries, or public order;

m. is patently wrong and fake, and is posted or published in any manner, with the focus to mislead or hurt a individual, company or agency for financial profit or to cause any hurt to any individual;

n. work up any offence or stops investigation of any mistake or offend any other country;

o. is insulting or unsuitable to the HSP carrying out your clinical consultation or any staff, consultants or technicians of 247Pharma.in or any other 247Pharma.in or affiliate who you may interact with for availing Services; and

p. is not connected with medical consultation or connected to any of the Services you take from us. You also understand and accept that if you miss to comply to the above, we hold the right to erase such detail and / or instantly suspend your usage to the Services and / or to the 247Pharma.in website.

6. Indemnity

By accessing the 247Pharma.in website and/or our services, you accept, to the complete regulations permitted by legal terms, to indemnify and stay indemnified and hold 247Pharma.in, its affiliates and any 247Pharma.in group companies, and its directors, staffs, members, affiliates, agents, contractors, and licensors safe with regard to any claims, losses, price, charges and expenses which includes approximate attorney charges that the specific indemnified persons may effect on account of:

a. your violation of these Terms;

b. your usage of the 247Pharma.in website and/or the Service;

c. Wrong or inaccurate credit / debit card information submitted by you;

d. you accessing a credit / debit card which is not legally yours;

e. you allowing a other party to own your password or in other ways login to your account;

f. your violation with applicable law or regulations in the practice at the jurisdiction where you are using the 247Pharma.in website and/or the Service;

g. you submitting a wrong, fraudulent, unauthorized or faulty prescription or

h. any step taken by 247Pharma.in as part of its verification of a suspected breach of these Terms or as a result of its finding or decision that a violation of these Terms has occurred

7. Limitation of Liability

By accessing the Services, you agree that you agree and accept to the following:

a. To the level allowed by relevant law, 247Pharma.in or its subsidiaries or any 247Pharma.in group companies will not be accountable to you for any specific, indirect, incidental, subsequent, disciplinary, dependence, or exceptional harm turning out of or connection with:

(i) these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy;

(ii) your access or incapacity to use the 247Pharma.in;

(iii) your access of any other agencies services you communicated through the 247Pharma.in.

b. 247Pharma.in does not permit that the 247Pharma.in website or any other Services or Products accessible by it will be undisturbed or free from mistakes. There may be slow-down, deletions, disturbance, and/or inaccuracies in items or Service posted through the 247Pharma.in.

c. While 247Pharma.in takes necessary steps to avoid the origination of viruses, worms or other malicious software to the 247Pharma.in website, 247Pharma.in does not mean or authorize that the 247Pharma.in, or the Service or Products or items that may be made presented through the 247Pharma.in website are free from such damaging features. 247Pharma.in is not responsible for any issues or harm explicable to such features or emerging directly or indirectly from similar features.

d. To the scope allowed by law, 247Pharma.in shall not be accountable to you or to any other agency for any direct, secondary, indirect, special or consequential losses, damages and others (including, but not restricted to, lost gains, business disturbance, loss of applications or other details on your information system), even if 247Pharma.in has been recommended, knew, or must have understood of the chances of such damages, turning out of or connected to:

(i) your usage of or relaibility on the 247Pharma.in, any detail, web links or content available therein, or Services in it on or otherwise made accessibile to you via the 247Pharma.in;

(ii) your provision of data, personal or otherwise, to 247Pharma.in;

(iii) the provision of Services by 247Pharma.in; or

(iv) action or negligent on the part of 247Pharma.in, its ancillaries or staffs;

(v) mistakes, delays or faults in services or theft or damage of items, due to third party agencies who support 247Pharma.in like delivery agents.

e. To the complete range allowed by law, 247Pharma.in denies and doesn’t include any warranties and representations, express, implied or legal, with regard to the 247Pharma.in website or 247Pharma.in services, or with regard to the accuracy, currency or completeness of the detail presented by 247Pharma.in, including the applicable warranties of merchantability or matching for a particular reason and breach of a patent, trademark or other intellectual property right. The 247Pharma.in website, along with, without limitation, every content, detail and hyperlinks present therein, is given “as-is” with no warranty that it will be continuous or mistake free. You explicitly accept that your access of this 247Pharma.in is completely your risk.

f. Not tolerating anything stated here to the contrary, 247Pharma.in’s average liability (either in contract, tort or otherwise) for any losing or damage that you may suffer on any medium whatever, turning out of your access of the 247Pharma.in, shall be restricted to a total on par with the cost paid or payable by you for the Product(s) or Services related to of one incident or chain of incidents accountable to the same purpose.

g. 247Pharma.in has the right to reject Service, suspend accounts, delete or edit content, or terminate orders anytime at their sole discretion.

h. None of the claims or action turning out of, or in relation to, the use of the 247Pharma.in or these terms and conditions may be raised by you beyond one (1) year after the happening of the event in relation to such claim or activity.

i.We have chosen the items based on that they will be utilized for personal purpose only. If you are thinking to utilize them for business reasons you are recommended to assure that you are secured by a good insurance plan. Where you plan to use the items in the course of a business, we do not include (to the complete range permitted by law) such warranties and conditions in relation to fitness for a specific purpose. Our utmost liability to business users turning out of or in relation with the items shall be restricted to the substitution value of the item in question. In connection to business users, we do not agree liability for the capability of Products for business requirement, nor do we agree liability for loss of using of the item, nor any loss more than the price of the Products in the situation of a claim for violation of warranty or condition. This section shall be applicable for the suspension of this Agreement and the end of your use of our Services or the 247Pharma.in.

8. Data and Information Policy

We give importance to your right to privacy with regard to any personal detail submitted to us for the reason of taking our Services. To know how we gather and use your personal detail, please read our Privacy Policy

9. Intellectual Property and Ownership

You identify and accept that all copyright, registered trademarks and other intellectual property rights on all properties or contents given in the 247Pharma.in is owned by us at any situation or to those who offer us the permission for such use. You are allowed to use this property and/or content only as explicitly approved by our licensors or we 247Pharma.in. Usage of these may not be done without the pre written approval of 247Pharma.in.Every item names, trade labels, service titles, tag lines, or logotype unique in pattern, text, or otherwise from background text (e.g., all capital letters), together, “Marks”) are trademarks owned by or licensed to 247Pharma.in, until otherwise noted. The marks on the 247Pharma.in are completely guarded by the laws of India. Using of any of the Marks shall not be made without the pre written permission of 247Pharma.in, other than for the sole purpose of recognizing the Products or Services emerging from 247Pharma.in.You admit and accept that the material and content shown at the 247Pharma.in is made accessible for your personal non-commercial purpose only and that you may download such published items and content only for the objective of using this 247Pharma.in. You also admit that any other use of the items and content of the 247Pharma.in is strongly forbidden and you accept not to (and accept not to support or allow any third party to) copy, republish, communicate, publish, present, circulate, commercially use or create derivative activities of such item and content. The 247Pharma.in may provide the chance for Registered Users to publish reviews and other comments, queries, suggestions, or other details (“User Content”) on the 247Pharma.in. You authorize that any such User Content given by you to the 247Pharma.in is authentic (and does not violate the copyright of others), and you also give 247Pharma.in an everlasting, irreversible, nonspecific, royalty free license to use such User Content so given, without any additional recourse to you, and you hereby reject every right in such User Content. 247Pharma.in has the control but not the commitment to observe and modify or delete any activity or User Content, and takes no accountability and takes no liability for any User Content published by you or content published by any third party.

10. Other Conditions

Kindly note that your settlements are processed as per applicable law and you may read our Payments and Refund Policy for more information. By accessing our Services, you additionally agree that you know and agree to the following:

a. That you will use the services provided by 247Pharma.in, its affiliates, consultants and contracted companies, for legal purposes only and follow with all statutory laws and regulations while accessing the 247Pharma.in and processing order on the 247Pharma.in website.

b. You will submit correct, precise, complete and current details in all circumstances where such detail is asked of you. 247Pharma.in holds the right to confirm and verify the detail and other information submitted by you at any given time. If upon acceptance your details are identified false (completely or partly), 247Pharma.in has the power in its sole discretion to suspend the registration and terminate you from accessing the Services of 247Pharma.in and / or other related websites without prior communication whatsoever.

c. That you using your right and wise judgment before stepping into any payment processing through this 247Pharma.in doing so at your complete risk. 247Pharma.in has the right to transfer, allocate or sub-contract the advantage of the complete or part of any of its principles or obligations in these Terms or any such contract, to any other party. If any portion of these Terms is stated by any competent authority to be false or unenforceable completely or in part, the authority or enforceability of the other Terms shall not be disturbed. These Terms do not make or confer any control or benefits enforceable by any individual that is not a party. No delay or failure by 247Pharma.in to operate any powers, rights or remedies below these Terms will function as a waiver of them nor will any one or part exercise of any similar powers, rights or solutions preclude any other or additional exercise of them. Any waiver to be significant must be in written and signed by an rightful representative of 247Pharma.in.These Terms along with the documents or other materials stated to in these Terms supersede all previous representations, documents and agreements between you and 247Pharma.in regarding the use of the 247Pharma.in website (along with the use of Services and/or order of Products) and keeps aside the complete agreement and relation between you and 247Pharma.in for your accessing of the 247Pharma.in website. When you access the 247Pharma.in or send e-mail to us, you are conveying to us electronically. You agree to accept communication from us digitally. We may convey with you through e-mail or by publishing notices on the 247Pharma.in. You accept that all contracts, notices, disclosures, and other communication that we give to you digitally fulfill any legal specification that such communication be in written.

11. Third Party Links and Resources

Where the 247Pharma.in has links to other sites and resources submitted by third parties (also where our social media sharing plug-ins inclusive of links to third party websites), these hyperlinks are given for your details only/ merely as a comfort. We have no right over the materials of those websites or resources and agree no accountability for them or for any loss or damage that may come from your utilization of them. Any links to such related websites should no way be interpreted as an advertisement, representation or promotion by 247Pharma.in as to the content, description, precision, products or services found or otherwise expressed in such linked web sites. Use of such related Internet sites/links is performed at your own risk and cost. You will be held by the privacy policy and terms of use of such website when you browse away from the 247Pharma.in to any such website.

12. Amendments

We may constantly update or edit these Terms and Conditions. Every time you prefer to access the 247Pharma.in, please verify the applicable Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to confirm you accept the terms that pertain at that time.

13. Events Beyond Our Control

We will not be accountable for any disagreement or delay in conformity with any of the responsibility we take charge under any contract inclusive of any delay or non-fulfillment to deliver items when created by events that are over our appropriate control (“Force Majeure”). Force Majeure is inclusive of any act, event, failure to exercise, omission or accident that is over our reasonable right, including, many others, the following:

a. Strike, lockout or other types of protest

b. Civil unrest, revolt, invasion, terrorist violence or terrorist threat, war (announced or not) or violence or preparation for war.

c. Fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, collapse, epidemic or any other natural disaster.

d. Incapacity to access public or private transportation and telecommunication applications.

e. Acts, decrees, legislation, rules or limitations of any government or public body including any judicial establishment. Our commitment arising from any contracts should be regarded terminated at the time of Force Majeure stands in effect and we will be given an extension of the time in which to satisfy these commitments by an period of time we shall convey to you, not being lesser than the time period that the circumstance of Force Majeure lasted.

14. Termination

a. We have the right to reject the use of Services instantly in case your character is identified by us to be in opposition of applicable acts, laws, terms and regulations or these Terms and Conditions.

b. For replacement in law particularly, we have our rights to terminate our obligations as per any contract indefinitely, and / or offer Services as per revised Terms and Conditions.

15. Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction

The use of our 247Pharma.in and the contract between you and 247Pharma.in shall be controlled by the laws in place in India, without considering the conflict of law rules. Any problem relating to the usage of our Services will be only settled exclusively in the Courts at Chennai, India but not in any other Court.

Contact Us

If you have any complaint, query or grievances relating to the Services, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, you may mail us on grievance@247pharma.in or call us on 9080 101010