Well researched content created by our specialist panel

As we take every step to make quality health care accessible for everyone, we deliver precise and trustworthy content that gives every reader a comprehensive picture of the subject. Our expert team on board comprises of medical experts, professional doctors, pharmacists, and editors who have rich experience and exceptional expertise in technical writing, medical research, and the healthcare industry. Every information we publish is researched and written by a professional team which is reviewed by our expert editorial board and is finalized by our health care specialists review panel.

    • Extensive Research

      Our panel of specialists plan & work on comprehensive research to set right the missing information in the content. The content is later reviewed and validated by our health care professionals panel.


    • Content Structure

      We frame every write-up with uniqueness & accuracy to ensure well- defined content structure.


    • Content Collection

      Our panel of experts gather relevant information from various research publications & medical journals. We also curate content from review articles, meta-analysis, practise guidelines, systematic reviews, a summary of product characteristics (SmPC), consensus statements and textbooks.


    • Content Creation

      Our specialist panel of physicians & clinical editors work together to publish authentic & accurate content.


    • Citation and References

      Our expert health care professionals & writing panel follows the “cite while you write” principle. Our process flow and policies include information & statistics that is supported by scientific claims and standard references.


    • Content Review

      Our content passes through a complete review cycle to ensure accuracy and consistency to match quality benchmarks.


    • Language Standard

      A professional language editor reviews every content to maintain the language consistency in line with the medical subject matter.


    • Readability Assessment

      Every content is published in a reader-friendly manner with assured scientific credibility. We also conduct user testing to ensure the information given is easily understandable.


    • Feedback Review

      User feedback plays a vital role in understanding the reader requirement and expectation. We improve the quality of content with continuous content feedback review.


    • Constant Updates

      Our writing & editorial panel periodically assesses the content to sync with the latest research and developments in medicines & health care.



Our Guidelines for Content Management

We at 247Pharma.in have a strict code of principles for our medical and healthcare-related content management to ensure accuracy & authenticity of the information. Our panel of specialists at 247Pharma.in follow high integrity in maintaining the content standard and comply with the following guidelines:


The information published by 247Pharma.in is well-researched to uphold the reliability and accuracy of the data & content.


We at 247Pharma.in  analyze and identify the author’s details and sources of every data & information published in our media platform.

Latest and Updated

Our medical content is always updated with recent medical research and new guidelines periodically to match the advanced medical science developments.


Every content presented is curated to match the reader’s requirements.


Our content is written and curated in such a way that it stands as a support to doctor-patient consultation and not as a replacement to a professional doctor’s advice.


We publish the right source and origin of the content or information.


Every information provided in our information platform will be unbiased towards any brand or label.


Our Experts

We at 247Pharma.in believe in creating highly informative and reliable content. Our writing panel & editorial team members are selected based on their expertise & experience in health care, medical research, and literature. Our diverse team includes medical specialists who write & review content only in their area of research or study.

Health care specialists review panel

Our health care specialists review panel comprise of renowned experts & professionals in the healthcare industry to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the content published. The panel focuses on improving the quality of medical and health care content originating from 247Pharma.in and also keeps a check on the standard of content published.