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Unit Count: 200 ml in 1 bottle

Drug Composition :

Benfotiamine 50 Mg+biotin 30 Mcg+calcium Carbonate 162 Mg+choline 30 Mcg+elemental Chromium 65 Mcg+elemental Copper 2.5 Mg+elemental Manganese 1.4 Mg+elemental Zinc 15 Mg+flavin Mononucleotide 10 Mg+inositol 8 Mg+l-methylfolate 200 Mcg+magnesium Chloride 15 Mg+mecobalamin 750 Mcg+potassium Iodide 150 Mcg+pyridoxine 25 Mg+sodium Molybdate 25 Mcg

Product TypeMedicine
ManufacturerDelvin Formulations
Country of OriginIndia

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More Information
Overview B 9 Tetra Solution is a carbohydrate, folic acid, biotin, dextrose, and sodium Ascorbate nutritional supplement drink B 9 Tetra offers instant energy to the body B 9 Tetra Liquid strengthens the immune system and provides balanced nutrition
Benefits It was once used to help with bodily functions and physical activity Folic acid promotes the formation of healthy red blood cells, as well as the health of the nervous system and the heart Biotin is a critical nutrient in the B-vitamin complex, helping in growth and overall health
  • Lack of concentration
Safety Advice
  • For only instructional, purpose Before taking any medicines consult a doctor
How to Use Use under medical supervision
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