Anacort Cream 20gm

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Unit Count: 20 gm in 1 tube

Drug Composition :

Hydrocortisone Acetate 1 %w/w

Product TypeMedicine
ManufacturerNcalima Lifesciences Ltd
Country of OriginIndia

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More Information
Overview Anacort 1% Cream is a topical steroid used to treat mild to moderate inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema. It prevents the release of inflammatory substances and relieves swelling, redness and itching in the affected area. Anacort 1% cream is for external use only and should be used as directed by your doctor. Usually, you should clean and dry the affected area before applying a thin layer of the medicine evenly to the affected skin. You shouldn't apply it on open wounds or damaged skin.
Benefits Eczema is a skin condition that causes patches of skin to become inflamed, itchy, red, cracked, and rough. Anacort 1% cream helps treat the inflammation and itching associated with eczema. When used correctly, it is a safe and effective treatment. Anacort 1% cream reduces redness, rashes, pain, or itching caused by your skin's reaction to an irritant. This improves your self-esteem and confidence when your appearance changes. You should always use the cream or ointment as prescribed and only apply the prescribed amount. Use for as long as directed to get full benefits.
  • Treatment of Eczema
  • Severe allergic reactions
  • Treatment of Allergic conditions
  • Treatment of Cancer
  • Treatment of Skin disorders
  • Treatment of Eye disorders
Safety Advice
  • Alcohol- No Interaction Found / Determined
  • Anacort 1% Cream May Be Unsafe During Pregnancy. Although there are limited human studies, animal studies have shown harmful effects on the developing baby.
  • Your doctor will weigh the benefits and possible risks before prescribing it for you. Please consult your doctor.
  • Anacort 1% cream is safe to use while breastfeeding. Human studies suggest that the drug does not pass into breast milk in significant amounts and is not harmful to the baby
Side Effects
  • Burning
  • Irritation
  • Itching
  • Redness
How to Use Take this medicine in the dose and duration prescribed by your doctor. Swallow whole. Do not chew, crush, or break.
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