Amaryl 2mg Tab

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Unit Count: 30 tablets in 1 strip

Drug Composition :

Glimepiride (2mg)

Product TypeMedicine
ManufacturerSanofi India Limited
Country of OriginIndia

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More Information
Overview Amaryl 2mg Tablet is a sulfonylurea medicine that is used to treat type 2 diabetes mellitus in adults. It aids in the regulation of blood sugar levels in diabetics, hence minimising significant diabetes consequences such as kidney damage and blindness. Amaryl 2mg Tablet can be used alone or in combination with other medications. It should be consumed just before or with the first meal of the day. To get the most out of it, take it at the same time every day. Your doctor will determine the appropriate dose for you, which may change from time to time depending on your blood sugar levels.
Benefits Amaryl 2mg Tablet raises the quantity of insulin produced by your body (in the pancreas). The insulin then begins to operate to reduce your blood glucose level. It is typically taken once per day. You should continue to take it for as long as it is prescribed. Lowering blood glucose levels is a critical component of diabetes management. If you can keep the level under control, you will be less likely to develop any of the significant consequences of diabetes, such as kidney damage, eye damage, nerve difficulties, and limb loss. Taking this medication on a regular basis, coupled with a good diet and exercise, will allow you to live a normal, healthy life.
  • Treatment of Type 2 diabetes mellitus
Safety Advice
  • For only instructional purposes. Before taking any medicine consult a doctor.
Side Effects
  • Hypoglycemia (low blood glucose level)
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
How to Use Correct dosage at the dose and for the period prescribed by your doctor. Take it all at once. It should not be chewed, crushed, or broken. The Amaryl 2mg Tablet should be taken with meals.
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