Acivir Eye Oint 5gm

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Unit Count: 5 gm in 1 tube

Drug Composition :

Acyclovir (3% W/w)

Product TypeMedicine
Country of OriginIndia

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More Information
Overview Acivir Eye Ointment is an antiviral medication used to treat Herpes simplex virus-induced eye infections. It works by preventing the virus from multiplying on the surface of your eyeball (cornea). This prevents the creation of new viruses and cures your eye infection.Acivir Eye Ointment is only for external usage. Use it according to your doctor's instructions for dosage and duration. Before and after applying the medication, wash your hands. Use it for as long as your doctor has advised, and do not stop taking it even if you feel better.It may cause stinging and redness of the eyes soon after application. These negative effects, however, are quite transient and normally go away on their own. Inform your doctor if they persist for an extended period of time. Wearing contact lenses while using it is not recommended.
Benefits Acivir Eye Ointment relieves symptoms of Herpes simplex virus eye infections such as redness, swelling, itching, and watering of the eyes. This medication both kills the infection-causing virus and prevents it from multiplying further. This will make it easier for you to carry out your regular tasks. To get the most out of it, follow the directions exactly. Speak with your doctor if you haven't seen any improvement after a week.
  • Treatment of Herpes simplex virus eye infections
Safety Advice
  • There was no previously unknown or established interaction.
  • Using Acivir Eye Ointment while pregnant is usually regarded to be safe. Animal studies have shown that there are few or no bad effects on the developing baby; but, human studies are limited.
  • While breastfeeding, Acivir Eye Ointment is most likely safe to use. According to the limited human evidence, the drug has no significant negative effects on the baby.
  • Acivir Eye Ointment has no influence on your ability to drive in most cases.
  • There was no previously unknown or established interaction.
  • There was no known or recognised interaction.
Side Effects
  • Redness of the eyes
  • The sensation of stinging
How to Use This medication is solely for external use. Take it in the dose and for the duration prescribed by your doctor. Before using, read the instructions on the label. Hold the tube in front of your eye without touching it. Squeeze the tube gently and insert the drug into the lower eyelid.
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